What is a Baby Box?

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Published on: September 17, 2018

What IS a baby box? And why are parents choosing baby boxes for their newborns?

Baby boxes aren’t a millennial fad. Based on a Finnish tradition, baby boxes like Smitten, are revolutionizing safe sleep right here in the USA.

Yes, a baby box for newborns is a place for baby to sleep. But, for parents and newborns, a baby box is so much more

Why Do Babies Sleep in a Baby Box?

Baby boxes like Smitten, are carefully designed to meet all pediatrician recommendations for a safe sleep space.

That means that using a baby box helps reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS or suffocation. It’s basically a worry-free sleep zone.

The best part? Baby can still sleep safely right next to your bed.

Baby Boxes By Pip & Grow

Baby Boxes: Research at the Forefront

Our baby boxes were designed by leading public health, safety, and product-development experts at two leading Michigan universities

See our baby box program to learn how you can get bring baby boxes to your community!

  • Designed by child-safety experts
  • Slanted sides promote airflow
  • Smooth, non-toxic corrugate and firm mattress reduce CO2 rebreathing
  • BPA and phthalate-free handles protect little fingers
  • Water repellant sealant makes easy to clean up
  • Recyclable

Benefits of Smitten Baby Boxes

Raising babies can seem so… complicated. Every day there’s a new gadget, gizmo, app, or tool that supposed to “help” us parent better.

As though we don’t know how to raise a baby without all of that digital assistance. It’s no wonder we’re all overwhelmed and beset by mom-guilt.

We’ve been trained to believe that “more is more” when it comes to our children. But, most of us didn’t grow up that way. In fact, many of us slept in (gasp!) dresser drawers at some point during our infancy.

A crib may not always be handy for the busy moms on the go. Fortunately, with our European-chic baby boxes, life just got easier.

Easy & Convenient – You don’t have to worry about breaking track, activate, connect, power-up, power-down, reset, or download anything. Simply place it where you need it!

Aligns with Baby Growth – The Smitten baby box is designed to be used as your baby gets bigger. It’s great for babies 0-6 months (and some beyond) AND has a higher weight rating than any other on the market.

Easy Transitions for Baby – For the moms transitioning baby to new crib or a Montessori baby room, the Smitten makes it super simple and convenient.

Portable & Light – Baby boxes like Smitten, are ultralight (2 lbs!), so you can easily grab it and place it wherever baby has zonked out. Then, as your day progresses, you just carry baby – still blissfully asleep in the Smitten – wherever you go throughout the house.

Baby Boxes Are Multi-Functional

The Smitten baby box for newborns is an elegant solution for parents that want to keep their babies close without sacrificing safety or convenience.

While baby boxes encourage safe sleeping for newborns, you can use it for a hundred other things too:

  • Toy storage
  • Pretend rocket ship/car/boat/fort/reading nook/house
  • Laundry basket
  • Play yard for outside
  • And so much more.

A European Tradition Brought to the USA

Finland, a worldwide trendsetter in health care, has been giving new moms baby boxes since 1938.

As a country, Finland has the second lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Coincidence? We think not.

Which is why we knew we wanted to bring baby boxes to the USA. We work solely with American manufacturers that pay a living wage in communities of need to create an amazing product for generations to come.

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