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Our Experts

Our sleep and safety courses were created by experts in infant sleep, infant safety, and health communication.

Amber Kroeker, MPH, CPST, Infant Safety Expert, Co-Founder pip & grow

 Amber Kroeker is the driving force behind pip & grow, leading the development of the Smitten Sleep System. Her passion for infant well-being and research led her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, become a Health Educator, Certified Passenger Safety Technician (CPST), and grow to be a leading voice in the infant safety community as a pediatric injury prevention specialist with a focus on infant safe sleep. In addition to her work with pip & grow, Amber served on the National Child Passenger Safety Board for four years, and currently works as a Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator at a children’s hospital in Portland, Oregon.

She became a single mom at 18 and felt firsthand the challenge of trying to balance her child’s needs against the family bank account. Now, as a mom to three wonderful boys, her experiences drive her to make the world better, safer, and more loving for babies and families everywhere.

Liz Harden, MPH

Liz, founder of Little Dipper Wellness LLC, is excited to bring her expertise to pip & grow, helping parents—and their little ones—find the rest they need to thrive. As a busy mother of two, she found herself exhausted and overwhelmed with mountains of information related to sleep, and eventually sought the expertise of a sleep coach to help her and her family make intentional, lasting changes. 

With inspiration to help others be forever-well-rested, Liz combined her Master’s training as a health educator and background in yoga and mindfulness, to launch a new career in sleep coaching. For the last decade, she has been a mindful pediatric and family sleep educator, teaching other parents about quality sleep as a fundamental component of healthy and happy living—saving them time, energy, and mental strife in doing so. 

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