better sleep is on the horizon

Online learning

Safe Sleep Course ($9.95)
Our co-founder, Amber Kroeker, MPH, a nationally-known infant safety expert, walks you through what you need to know to help your baby sleep safely.

Sleep Foundations ($87)
Set your infant up for sleep success with Liz Harden, MPH, health educator and sleep coach. Liz draws on her decades long sleep coaching experience to show you how to mindfully help your whole family sleep.

Sleep Training ($87)
In the second of Liz’s stellar sleep series, learn how to mindfully teach your child to sleep independently.

Sleep coaching

Work with the best ($200)
Every family is different. Get a custom, one-on-one sleep session with our expert sleep coaches to find the best path forward for your family. Our coaches are pediatricians, social workers, and health educators. They offer the comprehensive sleep coaching on the market and draw on their knowledge from across disciplines to meet your family’s needs.

Your coaching session includes:

  • Infant Foundations cheat sheet
  • Custom questionnaire to understand your family’s exact needs before your session
  • 60 minute coaching session to create your family’s sleep plan
  • Custom sleep plan
  • One week of email follow up with your coach
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