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Stellar Sleep 102: Independence

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Tackle independent sleep for your little one with the Mindful Method for Sleep.

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Congratulations! You're well on your way toward stellar sleep and are now ready to tackle sleep independence (aka this is where the sleep "training" kicks in). In this online course, we'll tackle independent sleep using The Mindful Method for Sleep, and at the end of this course you can expect that your little one will fall asleep on their own with ease, take restorative naps during the day, and sleep peacefully and independently throughout the night.

This digital course includes:

  • 5 self-guided lessons, plus an orientation
  • Video instructions (for those who like to see and hear someone talk things through)
  • Step-by-step written support (for those who like to read and digest information)
  • Short & sweet lesson "cheat sheets"
  • Downloadable materials including a 22-page, easy-to-follow workbook, healthy foundations checklist, sleep help scale, sleep flowcharts, and bedtime options

Stellar Sleep 102: Independence, is right for you if:

  • You’ve already completed Stellar Sleep 101: Foundations; OR,
  • You feel confident in your family’s sleep foundations (positive, safe sleep environment and sleep routine)

Our Stellar Sleep courses are:

  • Based on 25 years of sleep coaching experience
  • Rooted in the latest research and sleep science
  • Centered on mindful sleep practices

4 reviews for Stellar Sleep 102: Independence

  1. Sarah

    We were so desperate to get our first child in a better sleep routine before #2 came along and this delivered. We actually bought 101 to help us with our newborn because we loved it so much.

  2. Genny

    I thought our toddler was done napping, but all my friends’ kids were still taking long naps everyday and we were dealing with earlier and earlier wakeups. This course helped us realize some of the mistakes we are making and now we are getting 2 hour naps and 12 hours of sleep and SO MANY LESS tantrums. THANK YOU!

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    I super duper love that there is a downloadable workbook! It has checklists, guides, and cheat sheets for your use later in real-life moments.

  4. Leigh

    At last! A sleep course that can be adapted to whatever sleep training method your family wants to use. We were *not* cry it out people so I was nervous to buy a sleep course. I love that I could use mindfulness and adapt the sleep methods to work for my family. The workbook was really handy, too.

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