Personalized Sleep Coaching


Expert sleep coaches to help your family rest safely & soundly. Better sleep is on the horizon.

pip & grow is proud to join forces with Little Dipper Wellness to offer empathetic, compassionate, knowledgeable sleep coaching. We work with new, expecting, and even veteran parents to help you find solutions to your unique sleep needs. No matter where you are, let us help you create a customized plan that works for you and your family.

pip + dipper coaching includes:

  • 60-minute phone or video chat with an experienced sleep coach, during which we will address your specific needs and lay out a plan to reach your goals in sleep.

  • One week (7 days) of personalized email follow-up—as needed—following the conclusion of the sleep coaching call.
  • A copy of the pip + dipper healthy sleep foundations guide, an overview of important safe, healthy sleep guidelines that will be key to sleep success.



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