Nursery Safety Audit


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Our experts will provide you with safety recommendations for your nursery during a virtual walk-through.

Designing your nursery can be super exciting—there’s so much to consider! Let our child safety experts help give you peace of mind by providing you with a virtual walk-through to go over the safety considerations of your baby’s room.


In this 30-minute video chat, a child safety expert will:

  • Check over the nursery (or primary sleep space) to confirm safety precautions already in place, make recommendations, and correct potential hazards.
  • Review components of the nursery including the safe sleep space (crib, pack’n’play, bassinet, or baby box), furniture tip hazards, proximity to windows, cords, or other items, outlets, and gliders.
  • Upon completion of the call, your child safety expert will email families a safety checklist with customized notes from the walk-through.
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