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The Mother of All Baby Sleep Books

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This is the ultimate guide to sleep, stage-by-stage for you and your little one’s first year.

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1 review for The Mother of All Baby Sleep Books

  1. Sarah

    There were a lot of nuggets in this book I loved (even as a second-time parent who thought they had *most* of the sleep stuff figured out) and found myself turning back to time and time again. BUT the best advice Kate goes over was about what to do *before* baby arrives—and while there are helpful hints about what to nab to help set you up for sleep success—it was the notion of making an actual plan with your partner or loved one or night nurse or whomever for when baby arrives that had a high lightbulb go off for me. She walks you through what the conversation might look like, what to figure out when sleep deprivation hasn’t hit 100, and how to make a plan while you still have your wits about you (mostly). Can’t recommend this enough and will be part of my go-to baby shower gift from here on out.

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Available in three formats, you can access The Mother of All Baby Sleep Books as an e-book, paperback, or in hardcover.

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