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Baby Box | Narwhal


The Smitten Narwhal Baby Box is a modern, whimsical design that complements any nursery. Whether you’re moving from room to room, traveling to grandma’s, or at a picnic, your baby is always nearby.


After three years of development, collaboration, and rigorous testing, The Smitten Narwhal Baby Box is revolutionizing safe sleep for newborns and caregivers. Its design offers baby an easy way to sleep on their back while providing caregivers with convenient instructions, printed right on the headboard.

Smitten Baby Box Highlights:

  • Allows for baby to easily sleep on their back
  • Encourages co-sleeping safety
  • Infants can sleep in the baby box for up to 6 months, the riskiest period for SIDs and suffocation
  • Designed by one of the country’s leading safe-sleep experts
  • Easy to use for moms on the go

How The Smitten Baby Box is Different

  • Slanted sides encourage better airflow
  • It carries a higher weight rating than any other baby box on the market
  • No lid means no worries about a caregiver or older child placing the lid over a sleeping infant
  • BPA-free handle inserts protect little fingers from sharp cardboard edges


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 19.5 × 11 in


• Made from eco-conscious, & non-toxic materials
• Made from 30% post-consumer recycled corrugate
• Recyclable
• Waterproof, soy-based, Certi-PUR certified mattress
• Mattress repels liquid and prevents mold and bacteria growth.
• 100% Made in the USA


• Box weighs 2lbs, making it light and portable
• Tested to carry up to 100 lbs, more than strong enough for your little one


• Design is by leading public health, safety, and product-development experts at two leading Michigan universities.
• Portability allows you to keep your little one near


• Ships flat & is easy to assemble

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