get better sleep

An Easy Choice for Parents

The Smitten Baby Box Bed puts infant safety research at the forefront.

It was thoughtfully designed by child safety experts and researchers at two leading Michigan universities to help reduce the risk of SIDS in babies six months old and younger.

This Baby Box Bed is easy to assemble and its lightweight and portable design encourage you to keep your baby with you all day as you move from room to room. It’s the perfect safe sleep space for home, grandma’s house, play dates, and more!

With the Smitten Baby Box, safe, convenient sleep is an easy choice for parents.

“The Smitten was perfect. It was easy to safely put Maddy to sleep in the living room, our room, or anywhere we happened to be and she always felt safe and comfortable.”


“Goodwin slept in a Smitten next to our bed. When it was time to move her to the crib in her nursery, it was absolutely seamless.”


“We took our Smitten to the last family get together and it was a Game Changer. Zoe hung out in it playing with her toys and “reading” her books.”


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