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Smitten Bassinet Design

A Portable Bassinet Designed with Your Baby in Mind

From choosing the safest materials made by socially-responsible companies to conducting usability studies with real families, The Smitten Bassinet prioritizes your baby’s safety. Its portable design makes safe sleep convenient and an easy choice for caregivers.

Born from a research collaboration between two of Michigan’s largest universities, the Smitten Bassinet is more than a box. It’s a cutting-edge technology designed by one of the country’s leading child-injury prevention specialists, pediatricians, and packaging experts.

After three years of development, collaboration, and rigorous testing, Smitten is the baby sleeping box that puts infant safety research at the forefront.

Smitten is made in the USA by companies who take care of their employees and improve their communities, so you can feel good about your purchase while keeping your little one safe.


Stylish, Durable, and Portable

  • Design is by leading public health, safety, and product-development experts at two leading Michigan universities.
  • Light, durable, portable bassinet easily moves room to room without waking baby
  • Slanted Sides promotes better airflow
  • Portability allows you to keep your little one near
  • Reminds all caregivers how to put baby to sleep safely with tips on the headboard.
  • Protects little fingers with handle inserts to cover edges.
  • Makes safe sleep for baby an easy choice for caregivers.
Portable Bassinet

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safe materials for newborns


Your Smitten Baby Bassinet Box is Made from the Best.

  • All components proudly made in the USA
  • Is a green product – once your little one grows out of Smitten, recycle or repurpose it
  • Made of non-toxic, safe materials
  • Mattress meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bassinet standards
  • Mattress repels liquid and prevents mold and bacteria growth.
  • Sheet is made of 100% cotton
  • Safe, non-toxic printing ink


Backed by Science. Tested for Real Life.

  • Carrying capacity: The average carrying capacity of Smitten is 99.6 pounds before compromising the bassinet’s integrity.
  • Diaper leaks and spills: Before a series of strength tests, we poured 40ml of water into the bottom of the box, allowed it to sit for 5 minutes, and wiped it dry. This simulates the average bladder capacity of a 24-week old, a parent going to get a towel, and cleaning it before placing baby in the box again.
  • Humid conditions: Before testing, boxes were conditioned high humidity (80% humidity) and the average humidity of an air conditioned house (50% humidity) to simulate use in different environments.
  • Real homes, with real families: We gave Smitten Bassinet to new parents to use in their everyday lives – with siblings, pets, full-time jobs, in-laws, and, well, “real life.”
Smitten Sleep System Testing