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We are experts in child-injury prevention, public health, education, and motherhood committed to creating beautifully designed child safety products.

Amber Kroeker MPH

Amber Kroeker, MPH


Amber Kroeker is the driving force behind Pip & Grow, leading the development of the Smitten Sleep System. Her passion for infant well-being and research led her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, become a Health Educator, and grow to be a leading voice in the infant safety community. In addition to her work with Pip & Grow, Amber works as a Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator at a children’s hospital in Portland, Oregon.

She became a single mom at 18 and felt firsthand the challenge of trying to balance her child’s needs against the family bank account. Now, she is a mom to three wonderful boys. These experiences drive her to make the world better, safer, and more loving for babies and families everywhere.

Kate Compton Barr MPH

Kate Compton Barr, MPH


Kate Compton Barr has been working in health behavior and health education for more than a decade. As a Behavioral Scientist, she is an expert in making the healthiest choice the easiest choice. Kate leverages that expertise at pip & grow to design products that meet parents’ needs. Prior to founding pip & grow, Kate was a researcher at internationally renowned institutions including Duke University and the University of Michigan.

Kate is a mom to her two wonderful children, Winnie and Max. She is happiest sitting by the ocean, surrounded by family and good food.

Sarah Nau, MSW

Chief Marketing Officer

With a background in English (lit, not language), a Masters in Social Work (with a focus on health policy and program administration), Sarah has a unique and intuitive sense for engaging with and cultivating various communities. She spent over 15 years in the public health sector, helping implement and improve programming for under-served children and their families at the local, statewide, and national level.

She’s a mom to two young kiddos, Emmett and Harriet, loves her Chicago sports teams, and despite her best efforts, sometimes dreams up hashtags in her sleep.

haley acuff todd

Haley Acuff Todd, MATSL

Vice President of Business Development

After working for 12 years teaching high school Spanish and managing various projects while also serving as the Community Service Coordinator and Upper School World Languages Department Chair, Haley joined the Pip & Grow team with the shared vision to both grow B2B partnerships and creatively support new B2C growth as well.

A budding minimalist, outdoor enthusiast, and a parent of two young boys, she believes that often the simplest way is the best way for babies and families and is passionate about establishing baby box programs to help address infant mortality rates in communities around the USA.

She is originally from the Big D, Dallas, but considers North Carolina home. She is mom to Wyatt and Roy and loves nothing more than getting outside with her boys and hiking the trails underneath those NC longleaf pines!

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