Night & Day: A Custom Baby Box Helping Families in Need

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Published on: July 11, 2018

Custom Baby Box Header

Night & Day: A Branded, Custom Baby Box

Pip & Grow has many wholesale baby box partners who distribute Smitten Sleep Systems to new parents across the country. Earlier this year, we were intrigued when we received a call from Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW). They were in the market for a CHPW-branded, custom baby box. At the time, Pip & Grow offered only two box designs, but being an entrepreneurial company, we were excited to take on a new challenge.

Designing a Custom Baby Box

CHPW established their baby box program in July 2017. They’d run through their initial wholesale baby box order, and were looking for a custom baby box that reflected their brand and would help them stand out. We worked with CHPW’s in-house designer to create a beautiful new box. The Night & Day box prominently and tastefully featured the CHPW logo in multiple locations.

The box flows from a beautiful starry night sky with a crescent moon, into a sunshiny day that turns into a brief rainstorm and back into a star-filled evening. The CHPW logo is modified to be the daytime sun, as well as the sunrise on the inside of the box. Each Smitten design incorporates what we call a “wink” – or a surprising design element that makes each box feel special. The sunrise on the inside of the box, a hand-drawn star, and a precious raincloud are the thoughtful details in this custom baby box.

Custom Baby Box Design

The resulting Night & Day design was so beautiful, we wanted to make the box available for parents across the country. We approached the CHPW team and asked if they would be willing to allow us to sell their box in the Pip & Grow online store.

Night & Day Bassinet Box Benefits Families in Need

At Pip & Grow, we are committed to helping ALL babies sleep safely. From day one, we have offered a buy-one-give-one (BOGO) opportunity in our store that allows customers to purchase a box for themselves and to give a box to a family in need. We partner with non-profit organizations around the country to distribute the BOGO boxes.

We approached the CHPW team to identify a non-profit organization that would benefit from receiving donated boxes. They identified Mary’s Place in Seattle, an emergency shelter for women, children, and families experiencing homelessness. For each Night & Day Smitten purchased, a family struggling with homelessness in Seattle will receive a safe place for their infant to sleep.

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