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Published on: November 9, 2018

baby box giveaway

Kate Compton Barr

I’m a mom of two. I’m the owner of a baby brand. That means I have access to the very best baby stuff. And, I’ve literally tried it all.

That’s why I’m so very excited about this giveaway! I’ve chosen my most favorite baby items from my most favorite brands to give away to ONE OF YOU.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe to each brand’s email list here. That’s it. We’ll draw the winner on December 20, 2018.

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Now. Let’s talk about all the goodies!

Smitten Baby Box

Smitten Baby Box Giveaway 2

Of course I’m starting with a Smitten. In our house, a Smitten baby box is the foundation for good infant sleep.

Did you know that babies sleep better when they consistently sleep in a familiar place? Totally makes sense. However, parents are often stuck using different sleep places – mini cribs, playards, even swings or bouncy seats (gasp!), whatever is close at hand. That’s a recipe for bad sleep for everyone. Not in my family. We prize sleep above all other human needs. That’s why Smitten is at the top of my favorite things list. I would take Smitten anywhere, plop it down next to me, and my baby would be asleep in minutes. And I would relax because 1) I could see them right there and 2) I knew they were sleeping safely.

With a Smitten baby box, everyone sleeps better.

We’re giving away a Woodland Smitten. With an extra sheet. And we’re donating one to a family in need in your name. Boom.

Baby Sleep Site Deluxe Consultation

Baby Sleep Site Giveaway

I was 5 months pregnant with my son when my daughter went through her 18-month sleep regression. I thought I was going to die if she didn’t start sleeping through the night again. (I’m a touch dramatic.) It was worse than the newborn days. We tried everything – my husband was even sleeping on her floor at night. (Ok, in truth, he was lying on her floor at night, not sleeping at all while she yelled at him.)

So, I wrote to the experts at the Baby Sleep Site and begged for help. I filled out a comprehensive assessment and worked with one of their baby sleep gurus. They sent me an incredibly detailed sleep plan that matched our needs (and capabilities). Within a few days my daughter was back to her good sleep habits. Why didn’t I do this sooner?!

The good folks at the Baby Sleep Site are offering you the same amazing opportunity. We’re giving away a Deluxe Email Consultation Package and a copy of their book: B.A.B.Y. Steps to Better Sleep.

Wash. It. Later.

Baby Sleep Site Giveaway

This product is genius. The premise: You’re away from home. Your kid spills/blows out/otherwise sullies their clothes (and let’s be honest, probably yours, too). Normally you’d throw the dirty clothes into a plastic baggie to wash at home. But that gives stains time to set in. Your little one’s adorable outfit is permanently ruined. Devastating.

No more.

With Wash. It. Later. you just pop those dirty clothes in the Wash. It. Later. bag, add water and seal. The all-natural, hypoallergenic soaking pod starts lifting the stain while you finish your errands. When you get home, cut the bag open and put the clothes in the wash. Clothes (and your sanity) are saved!

While I absolutely love these for kids, I also love them for MY clothes. My son loves nothing more than to spit his last mouthful of milk out on to my shirt. Yeah, we’re working on changing that behavior, but in the meantime my clothes are getting wrecked. (Is it possible that breast milk is the most staining substance on the planet? I think yes.) Now, I can just swap shirts and start soaking the stained one even when I’m away from home. I’m in love.

Wash. It. Later is giving away their Original Pack. That’s three bags with three soaking pods. Should be plenty to get you through the holiday at grandma’s house!

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Giveaway

Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit is a miracle worker for swaddle transition time. It’s made from a heavy material, which helps muffle those infant startles. But, it also lets baby practice having his arms free. The neck is super wide so you don’t have to fret about suffocation and baby can’t pull the fabric over his face. The double zippers make it easy to get it on and off. And, did I mention how cute kids are when they wear them? They look like tiny astronauts. Seriously.

Pro tip: The sleep suit is warm enough that baby doesn’t need heavy duty PJs underneath. A lightweight onesie will do the trick.

The wonderful founders, Kelly & Bob, are giving away a Magic Sleepsuit to our giveaway winner. Prepare your baby for take off!

50 Things To Do Before You Deliver by Jill Krause

50 Things to Do Before You Deliver Giveaway

There are a lot of blogs out there. But there aren’t many that are as beautiful and honest as Jill’s blogs, Baby Rabies and Happy Loud Life. She’s smart, funny, and authentic. She takes spectacular photos. And she can write her face off.

Her family (of 6) is currently trekking around the country in an RV and proving that there are a lot of different ways to live well and raise great humans.

This year, Jill really put her writing skills on display and published her first book! It’s my go-to baby shower gift and I only wish it existed when I was pregnant with my first baby. There are some very important tips contained in these pages. Some of which (mocktails!) are especially pertinent around the holidays.

Jill is sending our lucky winner a copy of her new book. It’s just as smart, funny, and lovely as she is. (And you should go follow her on instagram if you don’t already.)

Zippy Jamz

Zippy Jamz Giveaway

“I love snaps” – said no parent ever.

When we met Nichole, founder of Zippy Jamz, at ABC Kids in 2016, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as baby PJs without snaps. I mean, yes, there are the ones with the cross body zippers that go from shoulder to leg. But, you basically have to completely undress your kid to change a diaper with those suckers.

Nichole, being awesome, sent me home with a pair of Zippy Jamz and my life was forever changed. The key is that there’s a crotch-only zipper. So, middle of the night diaper changes were a quick zip, change, zip. No more misaligned snaps. No fiddling. No mostly naked baby yelling because he’s cold. Just zip the PJs open and zip them closed. You’re welcome.

We’re giving away a set of the navy cloud Zippy Jamz. It’s my favorite pattern – a little modern and a little traditional.

All together, our giveaway is worth a whopping $400. That’s $400 of the very best baby goodies that you can win FOR FREE. So, go ahead. Do the thing. Enter your email address here and cross your fingers. Who knows? Maybe we can take care of your new-mom holiday shopping in one fell swoop?

We’ll contact the lucky winner on December 21st, so check your email for an early holiday present!

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