How Smitten Bassinets Are Made

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Published on: September 11, 2017

Bassinet Made in the USA

At first glance, Smitten may seem like just an everyday cardboard box. I can’t tell you how many times I hear, “but can’t I just buy the same thing at Staples?”

I mean, sure, you can buy a box at Staples, or Office Depot, or at your UPS store. But, it’s probably not a box you really want to put your baby in. So, what makes Smitten different?

It’s all about how we make Smitten.

We start with thick, strong corrugate

Many people don’t know that there are a variety of different thicknesses of cardboard. The thicker the board, the stronger the box. We build Smitten with a super-thick board, ensuring that it’s more than strong enough to carry your little one.

We apply a non-toxic, water-resistant coating

Moisture is the enemy of cardboard. Babies also make a lot of, ahem, moisture. So, we go the extra step of using an aqueous coating that makes Smitten water-resistant. That means you can take time to clean up that diaper blowout/spit up catastrophe without worrying that your Smitten will be compromised.

We test the beejesus out of the box

Packaging experts spent almost a year, A YEAR, testing Smitten before we decided it was ready for your little one. We didn’t stop developing and testing until we knew that Smitten could:

    1. Carry up to 100lbs, even after being in high humidity.
    2. Withstand the push/pull on sidewalls from a sibling.
    3. Remain strong even after a diaper blowout or spit up “incident.”

We make safe sleep pretty

We want your baby’s world to be lovely, just like you do, so we keep a close watch on the latest nursery trends. Then we hire top-notch designers to create elegant, gender-neutral bassinets that are appealing inside and out. We also think beyond beauty. Our public health training tells us that key information needs to be printed in a place where people see it at the time they need to act on it. To ensure everyone who puts your baby to sleep knows how to keep the love of your life safe, we put safe sleep tips directly on the headboard.

We make Smitten, its mattress, and its sheet in the USA

We visit our factories. That means we know what goes into the corrugate, foam, mattress cover, and sheet. Because we make Smitten in the USA, you can be certain you’re buying a high quality product made from the materials you expect. No surprises from unmonitored overseas factories. No worries that baby hands made your baby’s sheet.

Smitten in the Factory

These choices mean that it costs us a little more to make Smitten. People often ask us why we don’t go overseas and produce Smitten cheaply. Our answer? We refuse to compromise on quality and safety or sacrifice American jobs simply to make a few extra bucks.