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Leading The Way for Child Safety

Learn why the Smitten Bassinet Box is leading the way for child safety and gaining popularity in the online parenting community.
Smitten Sleep System featured on Pregnant Chicken


The Pregnant Chicken

Pip & Grow founder, Amber Kroeker explains the American Academy of Pediatrics updated recommendations for safe sleep for newborns and how The Smitten Sleep System helps babies sleep safely by reducing the risks of SIDS. LEARN MORE.

Smitten Bassinet featured on Baby Sleep Site


Baby Sleep Site

“Tools like infant bassinet boxes will play a critical role in making safe sleep accessible for all families. Bassinet boxes offer parents an affordable, highly portable safe sleep space that has a more manageable footprint than a traditional crib – making them a good option for both room-sharing and around-the-house napping.” LEARN MORE.


Smitten Bassinet featured on Smithsonian


Smithsonian Magazine

“Tired parents will often let their babies sleep in places like bouncers or on cushions or couches, which are known to be less safe than cribs, even when there’s a crib in the house. Giving families a light, portable place to place a baby may make it more likely that parents follow sleep guidelines.” LEARN MORE.

Smitten Sleep System featured on TotScoop


Tot Scoop

The Best New Baby Gear for 2017 is here! It’s no surprise that The Smitten Sleep System made top of the list! LEARN MORE.

Smitten Bassinet featured on babycenter


Baby Center

What to get the mom who has nothing? How about everything she needs in one highly useful box? LEARN MORE.

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