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Bring Safe Sleep To Your Community

pip & grow partners with local and national community organizations to provide our smitten baby boxes and sleep and safety courses to all families.

smitten Baby Boxes

Work with us to provide safe, simple, and sustainable sleep spaces.

Sleep & Safety Courses

Let us help provide simple and effective online learning for families.

Expert Program Guidance

Partner with our experts to implement a customized safe sleep program.

do baby boxes make a difference?


Reduction in bed-sharing for all infants


Reduction in bed-sharing for breastfed infants.


Responded the bassinet makes breastfeeding easier.

There is growing evidence that baby boxes may contribute to increased safe sleep practice. The data above is from a randomized controlled trial at Temple University.

a few of our baby box program partners

what our Community Programs are Saying

“We love being able to offer a sustainable, attractive, and useful product to the families we serve through 90by30’s Welcome Baby Bundle program. We have had lots of positive response to the Smitten Baby Box from our families.” —  pip & grow community program partner organization in Oregon

“We just started using pip & grow for our Safe Sleep Program and they really have exceeded expectations! We now have baby boxes for all caregivers that are in need. Thank you!” — pip & grow community program partner organization in Arizona

“Thank you so much. Assembled the first bed yesterday and they are really wonderful. We all noticed the improved quality and appearance from the last ones we had, different company. Looking forward to getting them out to families!” — pip & grow community program partner organization in Oregon

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Please complete the form below if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of starting a baby box program or offering our sleep and safety courses to families you work with.

We particularly enjoy partnering with hospitals, communities, and nonprofit organizations that serve families in need. We have several unique options for organizations ordering at large volume. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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