Cardboard is Awesome.

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Published on: September 5, 2017


One of the most common questions we get about Smitten is, “It’s made from WHAT?!”

On the one hand, that’s great – people don’t realize Smitten is made from cardboard on first glance. Cool. On the other hand, people have all of these preconceived notions about cardboard. We assume that it’s a lower quality, less durable material. Au contraire, friends. (That’s the fancy, French way of saying that people couldn’t be more wrong about cardboard.)

Look, I get it. It feels kind of strange to put your baby to sleep in a cardboard bassinet. But, here’s the thing – cardboard is so much cooler than we think. In fact, the longer I’m in this business, the more I realize that we’ve been taking cardboard and it’s super powers for granted all this time.

What makes cardboard so awesome?


Cardboard is lightweight.

A Smitten, with its mattress and sheet, weighs just about 2 pounds. That’s light enough for pretty much anyone to carry. Even grandma. Even grandma carrying a baby on her other hip. Heck, even great grandma can probably pick up a Smitten.

Cardboard is strong.

We’ve tested Smitten and it can safely carry up to 100 pounds. That’s right – it weighs only two pounds, but you can pile it full of more weight than most of us can carry (hush, crossfitters) without even a whisper of trouble.

Of course, all you really need it to carry is your 20 pound 6 month old, but it’s nice to know that Smitten can do so much more if you need it to.

Cardboard is portable.

Being lightweight and strong means Smitten is easy to move wherever you need it. In her research, infant safety expert and Pip co-founder, Amber, discovered that the top reason parents weren’t using safe sleep spaces is because the spaces weren’t convenient. Yep – babies died because the crib was too far away.

We get it – you’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm re-heating leftovers when your little bit needs a nap. It’s a pain to truck all the way to the crib or pack ‘n’ play and do the whole naptime routine. You end up having to re-heat your leftovers all over again, and your baby is fast asleep in a room far away – no one likes that. Instead, the super light, super strong Smitten goes where you do. So, put baby down for a nap in the 30 seconds you wait for your frozen burrito to be ready and – ta-da! – you have both lunch and sleeping baby right where you can see her. WIN.

Cardboard doesn’t hold carbon dioxide like soft-sided sleepers can.

Bear with me while I get a little bit science-y. We all inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (but you knew that from 4th grade science class). Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen (just take my word for it), so as we sleep and exhale, carbon dioxide settles, or pools, around our faces. This is no big deal for people with mature neurological systems because we naturally shift around as we sleep, moving away from the carbon dioxide pool and mixing it back into the air. Little babies, however, can’t move away from the carbon dioxide pool as easily. That makes it harder for them to breathe. Worse still, carbon dioxide will collect in the nooks and crannies of soft materials, making the pooling worse. This pooling is one of the reasons it’s important for babies to sleep on their backs (farther from the pool) and on a firm mattress (holds less carbon dioxide). Cardboard is rigid and smooth and holds less carbon dioxide than soft-sided sleepers. That makes it a safer choice for babies.

Cardboard is earth-friendly.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much baby crap is sitting in a landfill right now? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the greenest mama out there, but my stomach does lurch a little thinking about all of the junk that gets thrown away when kids outgrow it. How many bouncy seats, bassinets, cribs, and boppies are sitting in your local landfill? These items get hard use and can’t be passed down forever. Smitten is made from 30% recycled cardboard and can then be recycled when you’re done with it. Mother Nature thanks you.

We all want to give our babies the very best. Sometimes, though, the best is unexpected – like a bassinet made from humble, and awesome, cardboard.

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