Smitten Baby Box Reviews

families are Smitten!

We asked families to tell us how they’ve been using their Smitten Baby Box. This is what they said:

Portable Nap Space

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“I like to keep Lucia close by while she’s napping, but I still need to get things done around the house. I carry Lucia, asleep in her Smitten, from room to room with me during naps.” – Liz, mom to 3-week old Lucia


Play Space for Little Visitors

Smitten Bassinet Infant Sleeper Review

“A lot of my friends have young children. Although I don’t have kids, I keep a Smitten at the house so my friends’ littles have a place to play (and my friends have free hands to hold a glass of wine) when they visit.” – Lauren, mom to none, but favorite auntie to lots


Reusable after 6 Months

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“When we were done with #smittensleep, I was prepared to recycle Smitten. However, my daughters, had other ideas. The family Smitten now serves as a perfectly-sized, easily-reached, unbreakable bed for their baby dolls. It’s light enough for them to drag all over the house – wherever playtime is happening. They love tucking their own little girls in just like they’ve seen mommy do.” – Amanda, mom to 2-year-old Ruby and 4-year-old Violet


So Many Uses!

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“What I love about Smitten: It is portable. It is safe. It is slender and light enough to be able to put in our trunk and bring places. You can use it outside. It is comfortable, yet safe for the baby. I like the polka dots. Great area for tummy time. He napped in it for two hours!” – Lindsay, mom to 1-month old Liam


Reading Nook

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“Her favorite place to read is her Smitten.” – Steve, dad to 2-year-old Ruby


Easy Moves at Bedtime

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“Jonah’s bedtime is about 6:30pm. We put him down for the night in his Smitten in the living room. Then, when we’re ready to go to bed, we just carry the Smitten with us and put it next to our bed. He stays asleep and we can keep an eye on him.” – Jeremy, dad to 2-week old Jonah


Saving Grace at Picnics

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It’s tough having a baby at a family get together. You’re away from home, no easy place to put the kiddo down, and you want to socialize with your family. But you have an armful of (adorable, squirmy) baby. We took our Smitten to the last family get together and it was a Game Changer. Zoe hung out in it for 45 minutes, playing with her toys and “reading” her books. She was always close by, but my hands were free for snacking or sipping an adult beverage. I could also hold a conversation for more than 35 seconds. That’s a parenting win for sure. – Kathryn, mom to 4-month old Zoe


Room Sharing Safety with Baby

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“We knew we wanted Maddy to sleep in our room for the first few months. It’s just easier to manage the nursing, paci-replacing, and soothing when she’s close by. But, we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a bassinet we’d only use for a few months. The Smitten was perfect – a reasonable price, attractive, and safe for sleeping next to our bed.” – Kelly, mom to 6-month old Madaline


Going to Grandma’s

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“My parents live just a few hours away. Before Smitten, I felt like I filled the trunk and half the car with baby stuff when we went to visit. Now, for any overnight trip, I put all the diapers, wipes, and clothes we’ll need for the weekend in the Smitten and load that in the car. When we arrive we just unpack our supplies and Lucy has a safe, comfortable place to sleep.” – Tim, dad to 8-week old Lucy


Familiar Sleep Space… Anywhere.

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“Winnie hates sleeping in new places or spaces. She won’t sleep at all – just fusses all night or through nap time. She prefers to sleep somewhere familiar (don’t we all?). We just put her down in her Smitten anywhere in the house or when we’re traveling, and she knows it’s time to sleep.” – Kate, mom to 9-week old Winnie


Fun at Playtime

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“Jonah loves playing in his Smitten!” – Becci, mom to 3-month old Jonah


Repurposed for Playtime

Smitten Sleep Reviews

“Olivia is too big for her Smitten now, but she still loves to play in it. She piles her stuffed animals in and reads to them.” – Christina, mom to 18-month old Olivia


More Convenient than Pack & Play

“The Smitten was the perfect first sleep space for us. I was able to safely put Maddy to sleep in the living room, our room, or anywhere we happened to be and she always felt safe and comfortable. Way more convenient than a pack and play or bassinet and I really loved that it had such a small footprint compared to other options. The Smitten is really beautiful too! ” – Kelly

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