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10 Surprising Ways Baby Boxes Make Life Easier for Parents

Posted by: Pip & Grow Published on: January 8, 2018

Baby Boxes Make Life Easier for Parents

Baby boxes can be used in many ways that cribs and playpens simply can’t. Bassinet boxes are small, light and portable. We’ve put together a list of 10 surprising ways that the Smitten Sleep System can make life easier for parents.

1. Take Smitten with you

No one wants to haul a playpen from room to room. Smitten weighs less than 2 pounds. Yet, it is sturdy enough to hold 100 pounds. Parents can easily carry baby in one hand and Smitten in another to have safe sleep close at hand anywhere in the house.

Portable Crib

2. Ship Smitten to your destination

Taking a trip? Want to have less to lug? Skip the hassle and ship Smitten directly to your destination and have everything you need for safe sleep (bassinet box, mattress, and sheet) meet you at your door.

Portable Bassinet

3. Pack Smitten full for a road trip

Remember what we said in #2? Smitten can hold up to 100 pounds. Pack everything baby needs in the box and load it into the car for an organized, easy road trip.

Packing for Road Trip

4. Avoid scuzzy hotel cribs

We shudder to think about the babies (and germs) that came before yours in the hotel crib. Know that your little is in a clean, safe space with Smitten. Bonus: If baby sleeps in Smitten at home, it will smell and feel familiar come bed time.

Hotel Crib

5. Transition to crib

When it’s time to transition baby out of your room, move Smitten directly into the crib for the first few nights as they get used to the new sounds and smells of the nursery.

Crib Transition

6. Use Smitten outdoors

Take Smitten outside. Go to a concert in the park. Enjoy the back yard. Or use Smitten to help baby experience her first Halloween.

Easy to move crib

7. Keep Smitten on hand for little visitors

For those of us without kids (or without little kids), it’s nice to have a safe/baby-proof space for our friends’ babies. Keep Smitten filled with a few books and toys in a closet and bring it out when the littles come to play.

Easy Playpen

8. Give a brilliant baby-shower gift

Take a page out of Finland’s book and fill a Smitten with your favorite mom and baby gifts. (The Finnish baby box even includes condoms!)

Shower Gift

The community organization 90 by 30 gives these stocked Smittens to parents to reduce child abuse and the risk of SIDS in Lane County.

9. Move nap-time

Sometimes nap-time and real life don’t line up. Take nap-time with you. Bonus: Who doesn’t enjoy a leisurely nap in the fresh air?

Outdoor Nap

10. Ensure babysitters have it easy

With safe-sleep tips printed clearly on the headboard, Smitten is portable and virtually foolproof for anyone caring for baby.

Babysitter Safety

Have you used a Smitten in a surprising way? We’d love to hear from you and see photos of your little and your #smittenhack.

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