The Better Baby Box

Safe. Simple. Sustainable.





At pip & grow, we know safe, healthy sleep is important for your family. That’s why we created a one-stop shop to meet your sleep needs, from pregnancy through preschool.

expert support

Resources for your whole family to sleep safe and sound, including sleep and safety courses and personalized sleep coaching.

sleep products

Featuring the smitten “the better baby box” our simple and safe sleep solutions are designed by parents and experts.

introducing Stellar Sleep Solutions

We have partnered with the trusted sleep experts at Little Dipper Wellness to create Stellar Sleep Solutions. Designed by experts in infant sleep, infant safety, health communication, and parenthood, our sleep courses use the data-driven Mindful Sleep Method to improve sleep for the whole family.

Safe. Our experts are leading public health and child safety experts who have designed courses and products to keep your baby safe while they sleep.

Simple. pip & grow has one goal: to make safe, healthy sleep an easy, convenient choice for all families.

Sustainable. From pregnancy through preschool, our methods will help your family for years. And our baby boxes are good for the environment too.

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